Wireless Communications Company Uses Technology From Google’s Internet Globe Project

Aalyria Technologies, which emerged from stealth mode on September 13, plans to deliver high-speed internet using software and networking technology from Google’s ill-fated project to beam internet services from high-altitude balloons. .

Founded by Chris Taylor, a former US Navy and defense industry executive, Aalyria reuses its software for Google’s network, but not for balloons. Its goal is to provide high-speed communications that span land, sea, air and space.

Aalyria consultant and former Google vice president Milo Medin said the company’s optical networking software and technology “combine ground-based fiber with space-based wireless and optical connectivity to create a viable on-demand network for its infrastructure”. create structure. Military and commercial needs. In a September 13 press release, Aalyria announced that Defense Innovations has partnered with Defense Innovation to develop a prototype network for DIU’s Hybrid Space Architecture program to harness Internet connectivity from commercial and government satellites deployed on different orbits. announced that he had received an $8 million contract from the unit.

DIU first expressed interest in its Loon program at Google, which began in 2014 and ends in 2021. The idea of ​​connecting networks from different domains is attractive to the Department of Defense looking to connect systems with a common command and control architecture.

The company has hired former executives and technical experts from Google, Amazon, Meta, NASA, Cisco, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Lockheed Martin. Its advisory board is made up of former representatives of the Department of Defense and civilian governments.

“Aalyria combines two of its technologies originally developed by Alphabet as part of its wireless connectivity efforts: atmospheric laser communication technology and software to orchestrate networks such as land, sea, air and space platform,” the company said. Backed by Silicon Valley investors including the founders of Accel, J2 Ventures and Housatonic.

According to the company, Aalyria’s network orchestration technology, combined with laser communications, can support communications networks capable of handling up to 15 million connections.

A software platform called Spacetime was developed to manage networks of ground stations, aircraft, satellites, ships, metro networks and to be compatible with old network architectures. A laser communications technology called Tightbeam will move data through space and the atmosphere, “providing connectivity where there is no room to support infrastructure,” Aalyria said.

“These technologies will enable mesh networks in all domains – land, sea, air and space – to provide connectivity everywhere, regardless of protocol,” said Taylor, CEO of the company. sets a new standard for intelligent orchestration, management, and scaling. Aalyria said it would work with commercial space companies and governments to “make networks more resilient and spectrum more cost-effective.”

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  • Wireless Communications Company Uses Technology From Google’s Internet Globe Project
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