Water balloon games before the end of summer

With school starting, it can feel like summer is coming to an end. But with temperatures still high across much of the country, summer isn’t ready to say goodbye just yet. For this reason, there is still time to play in the water before moving into the fall. This is something that can easily be done with water balloons. And with an assortment of water balloon games to choose from, there’s something for kids of all ages to join in and have fun.

No matter how old the kids are, they will always be attracted to water balloons. The idea of ​​throwing colorful balloons at objects or people and trying not to get hit by any of them brings out the kid in everyone. As such, take the kids outside, give them a pack of water balloons, and see what their imaginations can create while staying cool in the process.

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Here are some water balloon games to play before summer ends.

ten Water balloon fight

One of the most popular games to play with water balloons is a water balloon fight.

Collect as many water balloons as possible and let them fly. Depending on the age of the children, heads may need to be a prohibited area of ​​the body. But other than that, the more often kids are hit with a water balloon, the cooler they’ll be.

9 Water balloon piñata

A piñata isn’t just for parties. It can also be a great way for kids to beat the heat.

The goal is to hit the water balloons held on a line and pop as many of them as possible, as quickly as possible.

There are no losers in this game, however. Everyone is having fun and bringing down the temperature at the same time.

8 Water Balloon Spoon Race

Children like to go as fast as possible. But when the object of the game is to get from point A to point B without dropping the water balloon, some self-regulation is required.

The bigger the water balloons, the harder the game will be. Something to keep in mind depending on the age of the participants in the relay game.

seven Hot air balloon bowling

Bowling with water balloons? Yes! A fun activity that requires skill to prevent the water balloons from bursting.

Water balloons will be sent down a ramp at a speed where they will have to keep rolling to reach the pins. The skill comes from not rolling too fast that the balloon bursts and not too slow that the water balloon never reaches the pins.

It can take some time to become proficient with water balloon bowling. But once the kids do it, it will be a must have game to play with water balloons for sure.

6 water balloon label

Much like a water balloon fight, water balloon is a game that will instantly appeal to older kids or kids who don’t mind being hit with a water balloon. Something that, if the weather is warm enough, could be welcome to cool off after all the running.

Depending on the number of people playing, there may be one or more children who are “it”. It’s no longer people chasing others when everyone is out or if they tag someone. If these are the rules followed, then the person tagged with the water balloon becomes one and tries to tag others with a water balloon.

5 water balloon volleyball

For those who want a sports theme for their water balloon game, a water balloon volleyball game is just the ticket to a day of fun.

According High Hopes Camp, participants will hold a towel on opposite sides of each other. Then they go Take turns throwing a water balloon at the volleyball net, trying to knock the ball down or pop it when they try to catch it.

The team that reaches the predetermined number of points first wins.

4 Water Balloon Capture the Flag

Want to take Capture the Flag to a whole new level? Play Water Balloon Capture the Flag instead.

Participants will throw the water balloon in their team’s colors at the opposing team. If a person is hit by the balloon (as can be seen if there is some food coloring placed in the water in the water balloon), that person is out. And it’s up to the rest of the team to try and capture the opposing team’s flag.

3 Back to back hot air balloon relay

A relay game that requires teammates to use their communication skills is the back-to-back water balloon relay.

According Special day camps, teammates will have to talk to each other to know when to move so that the water balloon stays in place. If communication fails, teammates will likely be eliminated (and wet) as the water balloon will slip out of place and burst.

2 Water balloon target throw

A great way to play with water balloons and throw them without throwing them at others is water balloon throwing.

The targets can be set up from a distance so kids have to use their throwing skills to hit them. They can be anything from hoops to live targets and anything in between. The the goal is to hit the center of the target to get as many points as possible with the assigned water balloons given.

1 water baseball

There probably won’t be any home runs, but some bases will be run. This is something that will happen when children play baseball with water balloons.

Water balloon baseball is something that can be played at all skill levels. According The Summit Center,those who can must have a water balloon thrown at them to try and hit it. But, for young children who are just working on their hand-eye coordination, hitting the water balloon off a tee can be done.

Either way, the kids will get wet. And all four bases will be executed on every shot, allowing for some exercise in hot weather as well.

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