This Delaware Picnic Company Is Creating Instagram-Worthy Spreads

Photos by Maria DeForrest

Delaware Picnics helps you create memorable moments for your special occasion in the form of luxury picnics.

The sun on your face. Children run in the sand. And the perfect picnic blanket, tent and atmosphere created just for you, without you having to lift a finger.

Life is a beach for entrepreneurs Yamila Lopez and Michele Grussemeyer, both of Newark, who launched Delaware Picnics in February 2021. The two creatives fell in love with the concept of luxury picnics after viewing photos on social networks social. They realized no one was making them locally and decided to start their own business.

“Michele and I were friends, and we’re both creative, sharing a passion for decorating,” Lopez explains. “When I pitched the idea to her, she loved it.”

They started posting picnic scenes on their social media and were amazed at how quickly customers started requesting personalized picnics, which include a tablescape (everything from table runners to placemats, plates, cutlery, glasses, napkins, candles and more), a play basket, Bluetooth speaker, a choice of water or sparkling cider, and all cleaning. Props include umbrellas, small tents, a Polaroid camera, balloon garland, or custom food such as a wall of donuts. A typical setup for up to six people costs around $300.

Lopez and Grussemeyer say they love the idea of ​​families getting together on the beach, playing games and enjoying bites together. And it makes for great photos you can enjoy for years to come.

While they don’t manufacture the food, they can source spreads — from charcuterie and cheese boards to custom donuts and cakes — from partner customers.

Bright bursts of red and purple berries; the creamy whites and yellows of cheeses; the pinks and browns of sliced ​​deli meats; and sprigs of fresh herbs add a splash of color to the table.

“It’s about being creative with the presentation and giving customers something they can appreciate with their eyes first,” explains Sofia Michael, owner of Le Fromage by Sofia.

She launched her business in 2020 during COVID-19, reaching potential customers via Instagram who might want “love nights at home when many restaurants were closed,” she says.

Michael’s gift baskets are the most popular request. She’s also created individual macaroons, toasted nuts, and even salami skewers topped with pickled olives.

At a recent picnic in Lewes, Michael combined aged cheddar and brie with prosciutto, Genoa salami, fresh berries and figs and rosemary crackers, ending the plank with some nuts and a drink. of Rosé wine.

Delaware Picnics customers can also bring their own snacks and beach games.

“We’ve had some amazing picnics before and we’re looking forward to all the amazing ideas our customers will come up with this summer,” Lopez says. She also enjoys helping clients celebrate big moments, like marriage proposals and gender reveal.

The services are not limited to the exterior. Recent events include birthday slumber parties with inner canvas tents for each child, tropical-colored balloons and board games. A marriage proposal caught the bride-to-be off guard when she came upon a table set for two, large bouquets of pink roses and the words “Marry Me” spelled out by candlelight.

It’s as simple as choosing a location, a theme and your must-haves. Lopez and Grussemeyer will take care of the rest.

For more, follow Delaware Picnics @delpicnics on Instagram or by email Follow Sofia Cheese @lefromage_sofia on Instagram.

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