The Recorder – Planned balloon visibility test for proposed Conway cell tower

Published: 04/24/2022 15:01:58

Modified: 04/24/2022 15:00:33

CONWAY — A balloon visibility test is scheduled for later this month as part of the special permit application process for a proposed cell tower on Route 116.

Proposed by Wrentham-based Vertex Tower Assets LLC, the 156-foot cell tower and associated equipment require special permit approval from the Planning Board and Zoning Appeal Board. It will also require a ZBA waiver because Conway regulations limit wireless towers to 120 feet.

The visibility test will be carried out on Friday April 29, with a rain date of Monday May 2, or the following Friday or Monday. Additionally, a weekend test will be conducted on Saturday April 30, with rain dates of Sunday May 1 or the following weekend. Both tests will run from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Photos of the balloon’s height and location will be posted on the city’s website and will be available at a public hearing on May 10.

If built, the Route 116 parcel will contain the 156-foot tower and its associated antennas, electronics, cables, and fencing around the base of the facility. Communications companies like AT&T and Verizon will place their antennas and equipment on the tower and store other telecommunications tools in shelters and equipment cabinets around the base of the tower, according to the special permit project’s narrative. .

The special permit says the tower, which was “designed to be the minimum height necessary to provide adequate coverage,” would increase cell service in Conway and nearby towns.

A copy of the special permit can be viewed at the clerk’s office or at