The clinical center of England’s largest health tourism company offers all-inclusive gastric surgery packages

Clinic Center offers all-inclusive gastric surgery packages at affordable prices.

UK, September 30, 2022 / — Clinic Center is a leading company in medical tourism and welcomes thousands of patients each year. Clinic Center provides excellent services such as plastic surgeries, hair transplant operations, weight loss surgeries and dentistry. After contacting Clinic Center consultants, patients receive their detailed personal treatment plan and begin their medical journey.
Clinic Center primarily provides services to people from the UK. Therefore, they have an office in London, to provide face-to-face patient counseling services there and once a month in Manchester. Plus, they can meet with patients in real time if they can’t get to the office.
Weight loss surgeries, known as gastric surgeries, are in demand worldwide. Clinic Center offers excellent weight loss surgery services at affordable prices with all-inclusive packages. Some of these services are:
– 4 star hotel
– VIP Transfers
– Free Double Room for Your Company
– Personal host
– Free pre-operative tests
– Free physical consultation at the London office or video consultation
– Online tracking for 1 year
– Travel medical insurance
Turkey’s leading medical services company Clinic Center has been successful in weight loss surgeries. Working with doctors who are professionals in their field, patients have their medical operations in safe hands. Clinic Center offers three different weight loss operations: gastric sleeve, gastric bypass and gastric balloon. In addition to professional operations, Clinic Center provides various services to provide its patients with the best experience both during their stay in Turkey and after returning to their country.
With the free preoperative test and endoscopy, patients’ medical plan is arranged by professional surgeons from Clinic Center. After gastric surgery, Clinic Center provides a month of protein and vitamin supplements to patients to help them through their healing period. The recovery period from weight loss operations requires strict procedures and diets, which is why Clinic Center provides nutritional supplements to aid in the recovery of their patients. In addition, the nutritionists of the Clinic Center monitor the recovery of patients and their special diet free of charge for one year. For patients undergoing weight loss surgery, Clinic Center offers a free subscription to three fitness apps for 6 months: Freeletics, Peleton and Fiit. Exercise is as important as dieting during the healing period.
Having an office in London, Clinic Center provides follow-up services in the UK office in addition to video consultation. The medical journey of patients does not stop after they leave Turkey. By relevantly tracking patients’ recovery period and supporting them emotionally, Clinic Center provides all kinds of support to patients to improve their journey and post-travel.
Weight loss surgeries give much better results than other medical operations. Patients who undergo gastric surgeries prefer to undergo plastic operations to look better. Therefore, Clinic Center offers a 10% discount to patients at each visit to get plastic surgery medical operation.
Another service that the Clinic Center provides to the patients is that if the patients want to bring a companion with them, the Clinic Center pays for the accommodation and transfers of their companions during their stay in Turkey. Clinic Center aims to make the stay of its patients in Turkey satisfying.
Clinic Center is a growing company in the medical field and welcomes many patients from all over the world. Providing surgeries and weight loss services, Clinic Center is preferred by many people, thus growing in the medical field. So far, Clinic Center has served more than 100,000 patients worldwide. Additionally, Clinic Center now sponsors four football teams: Watford FC, Sheffield United FC, West Bromwich Albion and Blackburn Lovers. With all of the above information, Clinic Center is a health tourism company whose goal is to ensure that every patient has the best possible experience. From now on, Clinic Center is happy to welcome patients to Istanbul, Turkey to fulfill their dreams and become the best version of themselves.

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