The Best Balloon Garlands for 2022 – Review by Hollywood Life – Hollywood Life

You might think that given how grouped they are, balloon garlands should be fairly easy to make – all you have to do is gather a bunch of inflated balloons and tie them together, right? ?

Bad! Creating the perfect balloon garland can be easy, but only with practice and the proper know-how. As a beginner, you’ll need step-by-step instructions and the right supplies, or you’ll almost certainly end up with a giant mess to clean up. After reading this guide, you should have little to no trouble creating a beautiful balloon garland in 2022 for your next event or party, so keep reading to learn more.

Uses of Balloon Garlands

Balloon garlands are quite versatile in terms of where you can hang them. You can use one to create an eye-catching centerpiece at a party, and with dramatic foliage on the back, you get a super impressive result. You can also consider creating a more modern balloon garland arch – the arch itself will serve as the main structure, but for a little something extra you can add confetti inside clear balloons as an embellishment. A garland of cascading silver or gold curtains can also go well with this setup.

When decorating your home for a more intimate party, consider creating a balloon garland with a variety of balloons – these can include (but are not limited to) iconic balloons, large round balloons, metallic balloons/ chrome and balloons of different shapes, as the combination of these can create an interesting display. You can even use a balloon garland as a table decoration and consider adding foliage between the balloons to create a rustic outdoor feel. If you are setting up a larger scale balloon garland, think bigger and brighter – with larger setups you have more variety when it comes to size, and when it comes to number and color of balloons, The crazier we are.

How to set up your balloon garland

Once you’ve chosen your balloons, inflate them to different sizes, as you’ll need a variety of sizes to give your balloon garland a nice overall shape – if you’ve decided to use a balloon garland making kit garlands, you will need at least three balloons of different sizes for ideal results. Get an electric pump to speed up the process and make it easier for you, and be sure to leave a few small balloons to fill the gaps in your balloon garland.

After that, think about how you want to arrange the colors and sizes of your balloon garland and start tying your balloons to the decorative strip. The tying process itself is quite simple – all you need to do is pass the knot of the inflated balloons through the large holes in the decorative strip, then slide it through the small holes to lock them in place. square. Leave some space on the strip so you can hang your balloon garland when you’re done.

At this point in the process, you need to know what shape you want your balloon garland to take. Use a pencil to mark the spot on the wall (or other surface) where you want to place your hooks, then create the underlying frame by gluing your hooks there. Finish by putting on your balloon garland one section at a time, then fill in all the holes with smaller balloons and decorate the rest of the space as needed.