The Balloon Federation of America is hosting a symposium in Topeka this weekend

TOPEKA (KSNT) – The Balloon Federation of America is in Topeka this weekend.

The weekend symposium brings together people interested in hot air balloons or wishing to organize a hot air balloon event and pilots wishing to learn more about the safety of the event. The Balloon Symposium is held at the Topeka Hotel Downtown, 1717 SW Topeka Blvd.

“This symposium is for communities across the United States that host hot air balloon events. It’s about how to do a better job, how to do it safely, and how to be successful,” said Maury Sullivan, Ohio Township, event organizer.

The symposium is designed to promote an exchange of ideas at a social gathering that will feature facilitators with many years of experience as an event organizer or event official who have worked hand in hand with local communities to organize successful hot air balloon events.

The weekend symposium aims to provide information and practical solutions on how to start or improve an existing balloon event or add balloons to your community event.

Other topics to be discussed at the Symposium include:

  • Pilot requests, FAA waiver requests
  • Determination of event types: Fiesta, Ride, Competition or hybrid
  • Long-time successful hot air balloon events: Colorado Springs, CO and Indianola, IA
  • What kind of “balloon” staff do I need?
  • Financial and budgetary considerations
  • Management of sponsors, suppliers and crowds
  • Work with community emergency and safety services
  • Needs and recruitment of volunteers and labor
  • Logistics and infrastructure, land size
  • Historical weather analysis and when should I hold my event?