The balloon dragon of Saint-Albert unveiled

Just in time for Halloween, a new display inside the St. Albert Center mall is sure to entice shoppers to stop and watch.

That’s because it’s not every October that you see over 3,000 balloons depicting a brave knight battling a fire-breathing dragon for a treasure chest.

“For me, that’s the joy of this art, it’s making people happy. And it’s amazing what a balloon will do for people. It’s associated with fun, excitement, excitement. youth and festivities,” said Glen LaValley, also known as The Balloon Guy. .

LaValley said it was all the work of a banker-turned-balloon-maker.

“I design something that I think my client will like and I get their feedback and once I have it well defined I work on the details of the build. Then I build my team based on the talents that I need for the job,” LaValley explained.

LaValley can make all the usual balloons like birthday party animals. But her passion is displaying large balloons using multiple techniques and dozens of vibrant colors and shapes that interlock with each other to create unique scenes.

The Dragon Dungeon will be on display until November 1 or until the balloons deflate or burst.

But that probably won’t happen because this balloon artist doubles down on each balloon to increase its strength and longevity.

“By putting one balloon inside the other, as you can see, it’s very stiff and strong. It’s harder to work with but your product will last longer,” LaValley said.

Shoppers are invited to stop by, take a selfie with the knight and/or dragon, and download for a chance to win a gift card.

With files from Alison MacKinnon of CTV News Edmonton