Space Balloon Company’s luxurious “Space Lounge” features a bar and mood lighting

Space Perspective intends to take passengers high up in luxury accommodations.

perspective from space

Space tourists aboard Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic flights mostly remain strapped into their seats during the adventure. If tourism company perspective from space successfully launches its hot air balloon rides to the far reaches of space, passengers will be able to enjoy champagne toast, indoor plants and a bathroom with a view.

Tuesday, Space Perspective unveiled the design of what he calls the first-ever “space lounge” inside his Neptune spacecraft. The space will be equipped with panoramic windows, a bar, reclining seats, catering, Wi-Fi, customizable mood lighting, a telescope, interactive screens, lampposts and plants and herbs to use in cocktails.

Snacks and beverages make Space Perspective’s flight feel like a cruise, but with a broader view of Earth.

perspective from space

Perhaps most importantly, the Space Lounge features a space bathroom with massive windows “so space explorers never miss the incredible views.”

There may be a bar on board, but the flight doesn’t have to be a rowdy party. “Space Perspective has designed your trip to be exhilarating and celebratory, with plenty of time for quiet contemplation,” the company said.

A rendering of the Neptune spacecraft energizes the flight experience.

perspective from space

Potential passengers can pay a deposit on a $125,000 (£96,000, AU$167,000) ticket for a six-hour journey that will reach 100,000 feet (30,480 meters). The pressurized capsule will accommodate eight people plus a pilot. The company said the first year of seats is already fully booked.

The word “space” is used liberally here. The balloon will get incredibly high, but not as high as a Blue Origin or Virgin Galactic trip, and it won’t reach orbit, because the SpaceX Crew Dragon Is. It’s the kind of smooth flight that will appeal to people who don’t want to pay for a rocket flight.

The Space Lounge and Spaceship Neptune look glamorous, but the company is still years away from launching commercial flights from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Space Perspective is targeting late 2024 to get paying customers off the ground. These moving bathroom views might be worth the wait.