Secunda Corporation Challenges Other Companies in Cleanup Campaign – Ridge Times

Spirax Sarco Services employees visited the local Secunda Duck Pond as part of a volunteer clean-up campaign.

They are now challenging other businesses and stakeholders to play their part in cleaning up areas in and around the city.

Due to the lack of services from the Municipality of Govan Mbeki, any cleanup effort is only carried out by businesses, non-profit organizations, volunteers and residents.

There is no funding from GMM and all cleanup is done on a volunteer basis and is expensive.

Spirax Sarco Services employees volunteer for a clean-up campaign at the local Duckpond in Secunda. (Photo: provided)

About 11 volunteers participated in the challenge with 11 trash bags full of trash being removed.

One of the biggest concerns when cleaning up was finding balloons on ropes that create a hazard to wildlife and birds.

Addressing the Peak time, Chantél Vorster of Spirax Sarco Services said: “The use of balloons is very bad for the environment. We picked up a lot of balloons with strings on them.

She said the ropes snagged on birds around the Duckpond and also posed a hazard to dog owners who wanted to walk their dogs.

“Please consider our wildlife and animal life when using balloons,” Vorster said.

She said it’s also alarming for an environment that’s primarily geared towards children to be littered with broken bottles.

Chantél Vorster of Spirax Sacro Services volunteers for a cleanup at the local Duckpond. (Photo: provided)

“It’s mostly parents who take their kids to the Duckpond, yet it’s adults who leave broken bottles lying around,” Vorster said.

She said the amount of broken liquor bottles lying around was alarming.

“Broken glass bottles are a huge concern because it can cause serious injury not only to children but also to people’s pets,” Vorster said.

Hein van Niekerk (Spirax Sarco Services, Mpumalanga Regional Manager) offers his services to clean up around the local Duckpond. (Photo: provided)