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Kasey Cordosi is getting ready to launch her new party supply store called The Balloon Company. The store will offer a variety of balloon designs and party supplies for each event. Photo of PJ by Timothy Frudd

Kasey Cordosi is gearing up to open a new party supply store called The Balloon Company located at 1739 Foote Ave. Ext. Cordosi expects his store to open to the public in the coming weeks.

“I plan to open by the second week of September,” she says.

The Balloon Company was inspired by Cordosi’s interest in decorating and creating different forms of art from balloons.

“It stems from my passion for decorating for birthdays and holidays,” she says. “I knew I loved creating balloons and party decorations, so it was a hobby that turned into a business.”

Cordosi wants to provide customers with unique balloon creations that cannot be found in other stores. She also wants to have an impact on the community by providing the town with a new business.

Cordosi said balloons have a “special magic” it can make a difference in the various celebrations that people enjoy throughout the year.

“There’s no denying that balloons make any occasion more fun,” she says, “So the company will help every event, whether it’s a school event, a wedding, or simple birthday parties, just by adding a new style to every event.”

One of the benefits of her store is that people will be able to buy balloons and party supplies locally, rather than buying them online.

The Balloon Company will offer customers a variety of air and helium filled balloons, padded balloons, balloon columns, balloon bouquets, holiday decorations and gift wrapping supplies.

Cordosi wants to bring joy to the Jamestown community through her store and wants people to use her designs for parties and special events.

“I can’t wait to see my creations in the community,” she says, “Just brighten people’s days with my designs and create special magic that will ignite the celebration.”

The main challenge Cordosi faced when starting her business was buying enough helium to open her store. Cordosi said the helium shortage was a global shortage, but helium supply is gradually starting to increase again.

“Fortunately, I was able to get helium, but this kind of problem delayed my store opening for a few months,” she says.

As the opening day of his balloon business approaches, Cordosi hopes people will explore the balloon creations and party supplies his store has to offer the community.

Cordosi said her store will offer affordable prices for her party supplies and balloon designs.

“Our custom designs are very unique, and if anything, it gives people ideas,” Cordosi said. “If they stop by, they can find something for every occasion. They will be sure to find something. With our custom creations, the sky is the limit.

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