Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade balloons will soar thanks to the Bridgewater-based company’s reliable helium supply

mass will continue the holiday tradition of supplying helium to one of New York’s most iconic events – the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, returning in its traditional form on November 25, following a scaled-down version, designed for the TV only, release in 2020.

The company is the world’s largest privately held industrial gas company, and this year Messer will help keep the balloons aloft so everyone watching on TV and meeting in person can see their beloved characters – from astronaut Snoopy to SpongeBob SquarePants – come alive on Thanksgiving morning.

A balloon on parade. (Messer)

“We are thrilled to continue providing Macy’s with our consistent supply of helium for one of our favorite events of the holiday season,” said Chris Ebeling, executive vice president, sales and marketing, U.S. bulk, Messer, which has its North American headquarters in Bridgewater. “It’s been a pleasure working with their team, and we’re excited to continue to delight families in person this year.”

The helium used to fill the breathtaking balloons begins its journey at Messer’s Otis factory. The plant refines and liquefies raw helium and is then filled into a trailer for shipment to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, where Messer operates a helium transfer facility. At the Bethlehem facility, pure liquid helium is converted to gas and compressed in four high-pressure tube trailers which are trucked to New York.

The day before the parade, Messer and Macy’s staff gather near the Manhattan Museum of Natural History, where workers begin inflating the balloons using a gas filler Messer customized for the parade . Early on Thanksgiving morning, the balloons are filled with helium and ready for the parade.

“Thanks to our strong relationship, we knew we could rely on Messer for the helium supply for this year’s parade,” said Christopher Bannon, senior manager of Macy’s Branded Entertainment. “We can’t wait to kick off the holiday season with this cherished New York tradition.”