Innovative Seed Company Grows Rapidly with SBA 504 Loan from TMC Financing

“Everyone I spoke to told me that owning your building is great, but the rates were skyrocketing. My goal was to buy an industrial condo to replace the space we had rented for years. The 504 program allowed me to achieve this goal.

PanDia Seeds Inc. is an international wholesale vegetable seed company that works with trusted growers around the world to develop safe and healthy vegetable varieties using modern techniques.

Through breeding, testing and production, PanDia Seeds maintains the highest quality standards while helping growers of all sizes achieve better, stronger and tastier vegetables.

Founder Robert Campana was thrilled that PanDia Seeds was booming. However, so was the post-pandemic real estate market. Campana assumed that owning commercial property for his business was impossible to obtain – until he found out TMC Financing SBA 504 Loan Program.

The SBA 504 program clearly matched PanDia Seeds.

The SBA 504 loan program allows small business owners to purchase owner-occupied commercial real estate at fixed, below-market long-term interest rates.

SBA 504 loans offer a down payment as low as 10%, compared to the conventional 25-40%. Additionally, 504 loans are fully amortized over 25 years and have no lump sum payment.

PanDia Seeds considered getting a conventional commercial loan, but the large down payment deterred Campana. With a 10% drop, his company could keep more money in play to customize the new space to meet business needs.

“Everyone I spoke to said owning his building was great, but the rates were skyrocketing,” Campana said. “My goal was to buy an industrial condo to replace the space we had rented for years. The 504 program allowed me to achieve this goal.

PanDia Seeds is growing faster than ever after SBA 504 loan from TMC Financing.

The company originally rented out its warehouse to store its ever-growing stock of equipment and seeds. The rent was up and Campana knew it would be a precarious situation if they ever had to vacate the space.

Using TMC Financing SBA 504 ProgramCampana purchased the ideal 3,650 square foot industrial warehouse in Ventura, California to ensure long-term stability.

Arlene Villarin, SBA 504 expert from TMC Financing in Southern California, explains, “The 504 loan was the perfect solution for PanDia Seeds. Unlike renting, buying your building guarantees that your monthly payment will not change, which provides stability and peace of mind for many small business owners.

Since moving to the new location, Campana has reduced occupancy costs and seen improvements in productivity, morale and operational flow.

“Now that we own our property, we can build it exactly how we want. We were able to add a recording studio, set up grow stations, and play with the electrical and plumbing. These are things we would never have done if we were still tenants, because we didn’t want to invest in someone else’s asset. People love it compared to where we were.

Campana urges small business owners to become owners as soon as possible.

“I think as soon as a business owner is able, they should consider buying their own building with a 504 loan. It guarantees low rates, builds equity and really helps in acquiring new business. »

If you’re a small business owner and want to explore commercial real estate financing that meets your needs, TMC Financing’s SBA 504 loan program is the place to start. Contact us for more information.

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