How The Balloon Copy Ability Could Translate To Main Games

Of Kirby’s many plays, one of the most prominent is his copycat abilities, such as the elusive balloon ability. Whether in a traditional 2D platformer, forgotten landof the new 3D format from, or a spin-off of a completely different genre, a stable of copycat abilities are almost always present. Some abilities have been present since the second Kirby Title, Kirby’s adventure, while others only participated in one game. As successive Kirby games introduce new abilities and have evolved on old ones, this side of KirbyThe whimsical action of can only grow even more.


Fans love to speculate what abilities might appear in the next Kirby hall. There are all sorts of ideas floating around, from ones based on other Nintendo characters that Kirby has shared. Super Smash Bros. with, to original ideas complemented by appropriate hats. There is also a theory involving less common copy abilities that have only made a handful of appearances. These include gimmick abilities like Jelly and Mini that are confined to spin-offs that can accommodate them, but also include fully realized powers from traditional ones. Kirby games like Animal and Spider. An ability that only appeared in Kirby: Curse of the Web is Balloon, and there’s a lot of potential that has yet to be realized.

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Balloon ability brings interesting variety to Kirby: Canvas Curse

Balloon debuted in Nintendo DS spin-off title Kirby: Curse of the Web. This title is built around using the touchscreen to move Kirby, which has been reduced to a perfect sphere. Players draw rainbow lines across the environment and Kirby will quickly follow them. It’s a dramatic departure from Kirbyis the usual single platformer, but it worked well enough to inspire a sequel on the Wii U called Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. Despite the difference in gameplay, Kirby can still access copy abilities by dashing through specific enemies, though his regular dashing is more than enough for most enemies.

Defeating a Bloon enemy will grant the Balloon Copy ability. This allows Kirby to inflate and float like a balloon for a short time. Instead of rolling along the rainbow lines when the power is active, Kirby will bounce over them in a floating, balloon-like fashion. After three inflations, Kirby can burst to stun all nearby enemies, allowing him to start the process over. Like the Stone, Missile, and Wheel of Copy Abilities, the Ball is primarily intended to change the way Kirby moves and add variety to stages. Experienced players can potentially travel great distances with Balloon’s altered physics, but Kirby’s increased size makes this a risky strategy.

How the Ball Can Fit in a Traditional Kirby Game

Translating the balloon copy ability into a main game is conceivable, but raises a few logistical issues. Balloon has been specially designed to work in Kirby: Curse of the Web, and therefore has some properties that other entries would take for granted. Most notably, it’s the only way to access Kirby’s signature floating jump in Curse of the Web. Additionally, its ability to gain momentum by bouncing off the environment could potentially wreak havoc in a regular environment. Kirby arrange. The basic part of inflating several times before causing a massive pop should still be retained, but it would take a lot of tweaking and additions to make it fit.

Kirby’s jumps could get higher and more buoyant each time he inflates, and he can potentially roll instead of walk at larger sizes. However, one hit from an enemy, and it will spawn prematurely with greatly reduced power. This might provide some degree of security by stunning the attacker, but would otherwise require skill and planning to use effectively. Additionally, Kirby could be transformed into a variety of traditional balloon shapes or animal shapes. This could have different environmental interactions along the same lines as Kirby and the Forgotten Land‘s Mouthful Modes, and could also open the door to weird attacks like barking like a balloon dog. The balloon copy ability probably won’t become a main feature, but it certainly has the potential to be a very memorable power in the future. Kirby Games.

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