Fundraisers held for hot air balloon accident burn victims

INDIANOLA, Iowa — GoFundMe accounts have been set up for the three passengers who suffered severe burns after the hot air balloon they were in hit a power line during the National Balloon Classic on Saturday morning.

Two GoFundMe accounts have been set up to help cover medical costs incurred during passengers’ recovery. One is dedicated to Wheeldon who were passengers and the other is dedicated to Tim Cloy who was the pilot.

Nathan Wheeldon, the son of two of the injured passengers, said his parents and Cloyd were still in the University of Iowa burn unit and were in good spirits, but had a long road to recovery.

Both Wheeldon and Cloyd suffered burns to multiple areas of their bodies, Wheeldon said. Wheeldon’s mother, Irene, suffered the most severe burn to her face. His father, Rich, has the most severe burns on his hands.

Wheeldon said the recovery process will be difficult, especially for his father.

“He’s spent his whole life working with his hands and being a practical guy, so it’s going to be tough for him,” Wheeldon said.

Wheeldon also confirmed that Cloyd suffered second to third degree burns to his back. Rich and Cloyd will be evaluated for a skin graft in the next few days.