Cumbria Tourism’s Rachel Tyson celebrates 20 years in the business

CUMBRIA Tourism has celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the career of Rachel Tyson, Head of Partnerships and Projects.

Rachel joined the organization on September 1, 2002 and began a career that spans two decades.

Her role as Partnerships and Projects Manager has seen her work with many businesses and organizations across the county including Barrow, Ulverston, Kendal and the Lake District.

Rachel said: “My role with Cumbria Tourism involves managing our Strategic Partner Programme.

“We work with Cumbria Tourism Classified Business Partners and I look after that.

“I manage major projects.

“I also work for our recruiting challenge and have run it for the past year.

“We are trying to help our industry fill the recruitment gap. It’s difficult, but we are still working to attract more people.

“My role is also to go to schools and encourage others to pursue careers like me. We use our careers with Cumbria Tourism to encourage young people.

“I was born in Crosthwaite but live in Bowness with my husband and two children. I travel around the county a lot, especially to Barrow, Ulverston, Kendal and lots of places in the lakes.

“I graduated in Geography and it was difficult to get a job as it always is with your first job but I got into the Cumbria Tourism board postgraduate program Twenty years later, I’m still here.

“The day my colleagues organized a surprise lunch for me.

“Everyone bought something and they gave me pretty flowers and balloons.

“I love my job and am so grateful to all of my amazing colleagues.”

Cumbria Tourism wrote: “Rachel joined CT, formerly known as the Cumbria Tourist Board in 2002 from our former office in Windermere. Rachel has grown and developed a wide range of skills taking on various roles in different departments over the years There’s no doubt that CT wouldn’t be what it is today without Rachel, so big congratulations are due.”

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