Company / IVvascular, a cardiovascular technology company, invests 15% of its activity in R+D+i per year

The increase in life expectancy presents new challenges in the development of medical devices to treat cardiovascular diseases, with more complex and difficult to treat injuries. iVascular has invested 15.3% of its turnover in R+D+i, accumulated since its creation, to continue to provide solutions to patients who are living longer and longer.

On World Heart Day, iVascular reminds us of the importance of innovation and research in the field of heart disease. During its 12 years of existence, the medical technology company for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases has invested 15% of its activity in R&D&I every year since its establishment in 2010. The main objective of iVascular is to provide technical solutions to healthcare professionals so that they can treat their patients in the most efficient way. To achieve this goal, the company offers a comprehensive portfolio of over 1,500 references used in hospitals around the world and estimates that by 2025, it will have improved the quality of life for over 2 million people.

The resulting increase in life expectancy and patient longevity present new challenges in the development of treatments for cardiovascular disease. These diseases are the leading cause of death in people over 65. To meet the needs of patients, iVascular released a microcatheter, the Navitian, and a balloon catheter, with a nitinol structure superimposed on the balloon, Naviscore, in 2022. Both of these devices will help the doctor treat calcified wounds, then depending on type of injury may have a stent, wire mesh, or drug-filled balloon implanted, which will help keep the artery open. Will do Having these products helps treat injuries more effectively.

iVascular has implemented a vertical integration project that begins with design and development, goes through manufacturing and ends with the commercialization of products. The end-to-end technical development of the product is carried out at its headquarters in Sant Vicente del Horts, Barcelona, ​​and is currently made up of a team of over 300 people.

With this philosophy, iVascular has become one of the few companies in the world to convert metal tubes into stents, plastic pellets into catheters and to design its own polymers to improve the characteristics of its medical devices. is authorized. For this, it has a technical center with more than 1,000 square meters of ISO 7 and ISO 8 rooms and 250 square meters of R&D & I laboratories, equipped with the most advanced and complete equipment in the field of biotechnology.

iVascular is a company that continues to invest in medical device innovation with the goal of ensuring the physician has the best option for treating a patient’s vascular injury. Only in this way is it possible to design differential devices that show favorable clinical results in the recovery of the patient’s vascular pathology and thus improve their quality of life.

According to the WHO, cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death worldwide and is determined by modifiable and non-modifiable risk factors. Modifiable risk factors include diet, exercise, and bad habits such as excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, stress, etc. Non-modifiable risk factors include gender, family history and, being one of the most important, age.

On World Heart Day, iVascular, a company fully committed to vascular health, reiterates the importance of maintaining a heart-healthy lifestyle at any age, which can help prevent or delay heart disease. onset of heart disease.

Silent iVascular:

iVascular is a company founded in 2010 in Saint Visenc del Horts (Barcelona) with the aim of developing cutting-edge medical devices for the treatment of vascular pathology in three fields of application: interventional cardiology, endovascular interventionism and neuroradiology . It was born to be one of the benchmarks in the field, to enhance technology and to be one of the few companies in the world capable of developing its own equipment from initial concept to final production. Today, it holds a leading position in this field with more than 1,500 product references that are used in hospitals around the world and are estimated to have improved the quality of life of more than 2 million people by 2025. Advanced Medical Technology with a turnover of 38.5 million euros in 2021, an increase of 57% compared to 2020 and 2019.