Alison Kahan, owner of Charming Garlands, chosen to create “Balloon Wonderland” for seriously ill children

Philadelphia balloon professional Alison Kahan has been chosen to be part of an international team tasked with creating an immersive “Balloon Wonderland” for Give Kids the World, a charity that cares for seriously ill children.

Kahan, who owns an event decoration business called Charming Garlands, will be heading to Florida next week to join a talented team of ball professionals from around the world. The group will use more than 300,000 balloons to create an installation that they hope will provide children and their families with moments of hope and happiness.

“I hope the kids react with a brief moment of shock just because of the magnitude of what we’ve created, followed by pure joy and ear-to-ear smiles,” Kahan said. “It’s going to be a very long week of work to put everything together, but seeing their faces light up will be worth it.”

Give Kids the World is a non-profit resort in Orlando that provides seriously ill children and their families across the country a free week-long vacation.

“What an amazing event! Alison will help create many of our Give Kids the World Village’s iconic pieces in this gigantic balloon display,” said Pam Landwirth, CEO of Give Kids the World. “We are so grateful for their support of Give Kids the World, showing how the joy of balloons can make a difference in the lives of so many people too.”

The professional balloon team will create several fantasy-themed areas across a 30,000 square foot expanse for children to enjoy while at the resort, including ‘Toyland’, ‘The Enchanted Forest’ and ‘Under the Sea’ . Some balloon displays will be up to 24 feet.

Balloon Wonderland Give the world to childrenCourtesy of / Charming Garlands

Kahan first launched Charming Garlands in June 2020, amid the COVID-19 pandemic. She always hoped to “spread the joy of the ball” and give back through her business in some way.

“When I started my small business, it was always one of my goals to give back. A larger-than-life ball like this for a great cause is the perfect way to do that,” Kahan said. “I feel honored to be able to use my craft to help put smiles on little faces and help these children escape what they have to go through on a daily basis, even if it’s just for a short time. is one of the most rewarding parts of what I do.”