Airplane shaped balloon in green and white color with BHN and emirates printed on it recovered from Samba

An airplane-shaped balloon with BHN and Emirates written on it recovered from Samba.

Photo: ANI

Samba: An airplane-shaped balloon was recovered along the international border at Nadd area in Samba district of Jammu on Tuesday. The ball was green and white in color with a crescent moon and star from the Pakistani flag printed on it. BHN and emirates were written on the ball with text in Urdu language.
The incident caused panic in the region. After receiving the information, the Jammu and Kashmir police attended the scene. An investigation has been opened on the subject. The ball apparently landed in the area after crossing the border. Notably, this is not the first time balloons bearing marks have been recovered from the area. Such incidents are common along the international border and Line of Control (LoC).

In a separate incident, an airplane-shaped balloon bearing the inscription “Pakistan International Airlines” was also reportedly found in Bikaner district in Rajasthan earlier today. This balloon was also green and white in color. He was found in the Dantaur police station area.

Also earlier this year in March, an airplane-shaped balloon with a “PIA” mark was seized in Samba district. Notably, PIA is the acronym for Pakistan International Airlines. The ball marked PIA was recovered in the village of Sarna.